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Effective Date: May 14, 2018

Thanks for visiting The Sow Collective! The Sow Collective ("Olivia C. Perez", "TSC", "I", "me", "us", "our", "the site", or "my") respects your privacy and believes in transparency. Here are details about how I use your information when you visit and any related social platforms and newsletters.

This is how I use your information when you read this blog, and/or purchase services, and/or sign up for my newsletters:

1. I collect various personal information regarding you and/or your device in order to keep this site running at no cost to you. This includes the following:

  • Information you provide to sign up for a newsletter, including your email address, first name, and last name.
  • If you purchase/donate anything through my blog, I receive your payment information from my payment processor called Stripe. I only use this information for accounting purposes/taxes. If you pay outside of this website (on PayPal, for instance), my policy remains the same. 
  • Information you share with me in connection with surveys, contests, giveaways, clubhouse applications, or promotions is collected to help the site run accurately.
  • Information for traffic analytics: IP addresses, preferences, web pages you visited prior to coming to my site, information about your browser, network, or device (such as browser type and version, OS, internet provider, language and other regional settings), information about how you interact with the site (such as clicks, browsing activity, searches, referral pages, load times, and problems you may encounter, such as loading errors).

2. How I collect your personal information and what I use it for.

  • When you sign up for my newsletter I collect your name and email address, as well as how and when you signed up. I am then able to see when, and how often you open my newsletters (and what you click on within the newsletter). Any actions related to the newsletter is viewable (including unsubscribes and bounced emails).
  • Using Google Analytics via cookies: this helps me see what type of devices my readers use, my user demographics (like audience age ranges, gender, location, and interests -- great for working with brands you may be interested in learning more about), and IP addresses (which I honestly have never used and don't know what I'd need it for). This is tracked by Cookies and can be turned off in your browser settings. 
  • When you leave comments I collect any information you provide (including name, email). You are able to leave a comment anonymously. Your information from the comments section is only used and provided to a brand when conducting a giveaway in which they and you've participated. The giveaway will clearly state when a brand has sponsored the event. 

3. How I share your personal information.

I try not to share any information at all -- it is easier that way. But there are some instances in which sharing information helps me run this site more efficiently. That includes:

  • 3rd Party Affiliates: By clicking through 3rd party links you are providing permission to Olivia C. Perez and any third parties approved by Olivia C. Perez to possibly serve advertisements, collect information directly, and place or recognize cookies on visitors’ browsers.
  • Advertising: I may share personal information with third parties so you can receive custom advertising and so I can track its effectiveness. I also use Google Adsense to provide tailored ads throughout this website based on your interests (using Cookies).
  • Never happened...but possible: If I am ever involved in a reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of some or all of my assets pertaining to The Sow Collective, your personal information provided may be transferred as part of that deal.

4. How affiliate and referral links affect you.

One way I generate income is by using affiliate and referral links. This allows me to keep the information provided on The Sow Collective accessible, free of charge. You never pay extra for using an affiliate or referral link. In fact some referral links may give you a bigger discount for buying from my recommendation. Here are some programs I am involved with:

  • I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to help me earn commissioned fees by advertising (and linking) to
  • I may be a partner of other affiliate and referral programs not currently listed in the future, but will disclose when these types of links are used in the article in which it is used. 

5. How I keep and/or protect your personal information.

I try my very best to keep your information secure. I use Squarespace's platform to help me do so. They have a security team that focuses on keeping our information safe and have confirmed that they use "firewalls to protect against intruders, building redundancies throughout our network (so that if one server goes down, another can cover for it) and testing for and protecting against network vulnerabilities."

I may also retain your information in a secure database like MailChimp with my newsletter provider if/when you sign up for my mailing list. 

6.Your Opt-Out Options.

- If you do not want your information being used, ever, you can still view this website. Just be sure to turn off your cookies in your browser's settings. 

All the ways to opt out of data retention include:

  1. Turning off cookies in your browser and/or browse incognito
  2. Refrain from commenting on posts with your personal information (choose "anonymous" commenting)
  3. Unsubscribe from my newsletters at the bottom of any newsletter email from The Sow Collective / Olivia C. Perez (and refrain from subscribing) 
  4. Check "do not add me to the newsletter" if applying for clubhouse access
  5. Email with any additional concerns


Questions? Please email us!