Free Productivity Apps You Should Be Using for Your Business

Photo by  Bence Boros  on    Unsplash

Photo by Bence Boros on Unsplash

A smartphone is only as productive as the apps you install on it. However, with the seemingly endless selection of productivity apps available, it can be tough to figure out which ones are worthwhile.

We've cut through the clutter to bring you a list of the best free productivity apps that will get the job done and help you get the most out of your day. (All apps are available on both Apple and Android.)   


This top rated to-do list app does just about everything you could want for either personal organization or for the office. Synching across devices puts all your to-do lists, task lists, reminders, files, emails, notes, and calendars together in one, easy-to-access place. Voice recognition is the icing on the cake. can also be used as a collaborative task-management app for businesses and remote teams.        


IFTTT stands for, "If This Then That", and there's no other task automation app quite like it. IFTTT utilizes "applets" that make it possible for all your devices, apps, and services to work together however you tell them to. For instance, instead of having to add new contacts with one app, get weather alerts with another, and manage appointment reminders with yet another, you can use IFTTT's applets to do all those things seamlessly and automatically. Customize existing popular applets or create your own - no coding knowledge required.

3. Edison Mail

The Edison Mail all-in-one inbox app is email the way it was meant to be. The app's built in assistant allows you to view key information across all accounts without actually opening or searching your mail. All your subscriptions are managed in one place so you can quickly and easily unsubscribe from pesky email lists. You can also receive real-time travel notifications and effortlessly track packages. Perhaps best of all, your sent emails can now be unsent.

4. Nebo

Hand written notes and technology are finally united in this incredible app. Nebo by MyScript allows you to take, edit, and convert notes handwritten on your mobile device into text. Diagrams, mathematic equations, sketches, and photos are all supported. Nebo documents are organized into searchable notebooks and can be easily exported for printing.  

5. LastPass

Passwords are a pain, but with LastPass they no longer have to be. This handy app remembers all your passwords so you don't have to. Just create one master password and you're set. LastPass works across browsers and devices, keeping all your accounts safe and manageable in one place.  

6. Evernote

No list of best productivity apps would be complete without Evernote, the elder statesman of productivity and organization. Evernote has been around for a decade and is still topping the list of editors' picks. In addition to the functionality you would expect from a well-rounded, all-in-one productivity app, Evernote can also scan documents, be used collaboratively, and create presentations.

7. Forest

When your phone is a distraction, Forest provides a creative solution. First, plant a virtual seed by setting a timer on the app for the length of time you need to focus. If you don't use your phone, the seed grows into a tree. If you do use your phone before time is up, the tree will die. Every tree you successfully grow is added to your forest, creating a graphic representation of your time spent focusing. What's more, Forest is partnered with Trees for the Future, an agroforestry resource center. When Forest's users earn and spend virtual coins, real trees are planted.

Which productivity apps keep you on track?

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