5 Tips for Starting Your Day on a Positive Note


Discuss success tips with any thriving businessperson or entrepreneur, and you'll note that most -- if not all -- attribute much of their productivity to a clutch morning routine. If your schedule runs parallel to the average work week, then setting the tone of your day in the morning can dramatically improve your morale, boost workplace motivation, and help you get more things done.

Here are 5 tips for starting your day with a positive routine:

1. Write it out before bed

A successful day starts before you head to sleep. Prevent foggy thoughts and restlessness by dedicating 15 minutes each night to write down your goals and thoughts for the following day. The next morning you'll find those notes to be a useful blueprint of the day's focus. Build your list with tasks you hope to complete before the day is over and remember to make goals measurable and realistic.

2. Change your alarm Clock

If the first sounds you hear when you wake are blaring horns and frightening alerts, you're likely bringing anxiety to your day before it even starts. Trade those harsh alarm sounds on your phone for more soothing tones that grow louder gradually. You might find this brings you into the day more peacefully, putting you into a zen headspace.  

3. Read something positive

It may be difficult to ignore those series of ranting texts awaiting your review (or internet alerts from breaking news outlets ready to bring your morale down before you are fully awake) but as you pour your morning hot drink, choose to read something that motivates or inspires you. Whether it be readings from your favorite author or quotes by a powerhouse in your industry, make space for positive content before taking on the cold, harsh world. 

4. Break a sweat

Nothing gets your energy flowing and mind focused like a workout session! Something as simple as morning stretches or an impromptu dance sesh is totally acceptable. If you find your 9-5 or side hustle keeps getting in the way of your physical fitness, try to knock out your workout first thing in the morning and you’ll love the way you feel for the rest of the day. 

5. Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet we still seem to ignore it (especially when pursuing new projects). Eating a healthy breakfast is essential to retaining energy and helps improve concentration and performance throughout the day. If you don't have time to cook breakfast, boil and refrigerate eggs and keep your kitchen stocked with fruits and veggies for a quick grab-n-go solution. 

What's your current morning routine?

Adding these steps to your morning plan promotes a positive start to the day. Unless you're on call, keep your phone, tablet, and laptop tucked away as you wean into the morning. You'll find starting the morning on a positive note helps you react both optimistically and constructively when a problem (or new opportunity) arises. 

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