About TSC

Sow seeds for entrepreneurial success.


The Sow Collective (TSC) was created to bring peace of mind to the hustle and grind.

We offer new entrepreneurs and digital content creators a place where they can find marketing and productivity resources, work motivation, and community. TSC helps you finally get over those bumps that were holding you back from achieving your goals. 

Procrastination. Fear. Imposter syndrome. 

Its founder, Olivia C. Perez has a decade of training and award-winning experience as an influencer, content creator, and marketer. Olivia's story, work, and achievements are featured on CNBC, Huff Post, Bustle, NYLON Magazine, PopSugar, and more. All advice on TheSowCollective.com blog can be accessed free of charge.

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Did you know?

When you work with The Sow Collective, a portion of earnings go to Sow Kids: a donation pool dedicated to giving back to inner city, immigrant, art, and/or travel youth programs.